Meet Nancy!

What’s with the Feet?

I’m always humbled and amazed when people take the art that made them smile home. It makes my heart happy to know that the bright colors and fanciful images will add a bit of fun to the room they imagined the perfect fit. But what amazes me even more is how many people don’t want to step on their mats! Trust me: they can take it 

My name is Nancy and I LOVE making people smile!

Being born into a military family brought upon my curiosity and love for doors and journaling at an early age of seven.

On my little bike, I would travel around the barracks to stop on the side of the road, at a ‘door’ that caught my eye. Sketched out that door in my little journal then proceeded to travel home and write down what I thought lived behind those doors! What a wild imagination I had! And still have today.

Throughout my life I found I gravitated towards color. Bright, bold and beautiful colors. Clothing became a way of expressing myself. Dabbling in papermaking, glass blowing, ceramics, piqued my interest over the years.

Then I came across a new avenue of expressing my feelings and emotions – designing and painting floor mats.
These hand-designed painted mats, creatively and colourfully express my life experiences past and present. Painstakingly created with love and feelings, these beautiful pieces of art are perfect for any place-mats around the house. From hallway entrance floor mats, table runners, coffee table centerpieces or even hung on the wall as an express example of abstract art.

Many different themes and styles to choose from, and prices and sizes vary.

Have a look around, read a story or two, and thank you for enjoying the world of Uncommon Joy!

Yours in color,

My Inspirational Space

In the peace and tranquility of my home studio, I find the calm and flow needed to create these unique, colorful and smile inducing pieces of art. I hope you love them as much as I love making them!


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